Watch Case & Band Polishing

watch band repair watch case repair

Make Your Watch Look Brand New

With everyday wear, you watch can get nicked, scratched and/or show visible signs of wear. To restore it to like-new condition, Crown Watchmakers will clean and polish your watch case and band until they look like the day you bought it. 

Watch Band Repair  Polish watch band Remove nicks from watch band

Watch Band Repair

Everyone who wears a watch will eventually nick, scuff, scratch, or even dent the band. If your watch is starting to show band wear, then maybe it's time to get it polished up. Even the smallest nicks and scratches can be removed by our certified watchmakers. 

Watch Case Repair  Fix Broken Watch Case Watch Stem

Watch Case Repair

The case of a fine Swiss watch houses the inner workings of your watch and can dented, scratched, or nicked, just like the band. With a little buffing, polishing, and some time a microscope, we'll get your watch case looking just like new. 

Get My Watch Case and Band Polished