Rolex Watch Repair

Servicing Your Rolex Watch


Just like a fine automobile, every watch requires periodic cleaning, servicing, testing and repair.  When a Crown watchmaker services your Swiss timepiece the movement, case, and bracelet are removed and meticulously overhauled and refinished to its original luster and elegance.  We will

  • disassemble, separate, inspect your watch's movement, 
  • polish with our 4-step polishing process to remove scuffs, scratches, and dents, 
  • clean movement, re-assemble your watch, replacing any worn parts, as needed,
  • lubricate with recommended lubricants,
  • adjust movement in 5 different position on a computerized timing machine, and 
  • check the fully assembled watch with computerized vacuum pressure waterproof tester and computerized timing test.

All watches should be serviced every 3-5 years, and the longer you wait to service your fine timepiece, the more damage can happen. Don't wait until you need to fix your watch, contact us to service it instead. 

Get My Watch Serviced

Personalized Rolex Watch Repair

Certified Watch Cleaning

watch cleaning and repair

Our certified watchmakers disassemble, separate, inspect and clean your watch in 4 different cleaning solutions.

Detailed Band & Case Polishing

Rolex Watch Repair Service Case and Band Polishing

All exterior surfaces are inspected for nicks, scratches, and dents, then refinished and fully restored to its like new condition.

Assembly and Timing Testing

rolex watch timing test

Our watchmakers reassemble & test a watch's accuracy.  All watches are vacuum water, condensation, & water pressure tested.