Cleaning Your Watch

Local Watch Cleaning Service

Our Process

Crown Watchmakers watch cleaning service starts with disassembling and separating all movement parts for cleaning. Each piece is thoroughly inspected prior to being cleaned. 

Watch Cleaning and Polishing

What You Can Expect

Each watch is disassembled and then cleaned ultrasonically. After cleaning, the individual parts are inspected for corrosion and/or wear. If the part needs to be replaced, we will replace it with only the highest quality parts available. All gaskets and seals are replaced inspected and replaced, as needed. 

Watch Overhaul Service Watch Cleaning Service

Testing Your Watch

Your watch will be water-pressure tested and the timing will be calibrated. We will polish the case, band and crystal, until they look like new. Finally, a timing test will be performed to ensure your watch will not only look like new but will perform like new as well. 

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