Watch Timing Test

automatic watch losing minutes guaranteed watch repaired

Is Your Watch Losing Time?

You're heading to a meeting, and you look down at your mechanical watch and figure you'll have plenty of time to make it. But, when you walk up to the office, you see that their wall clock says 5 minutes past your meeting time.  It may be time to have your watch timing's tested.  Crown Watchmakers guaranteed watch repair services will keep your watch running and keep you from running late. 

Watch Losing Time guaranteed watch repair

Why Is My Watch Losing Time

A mechanical watch movement has many gears and springs working to keep accurate time. With regular wear, under- or over-winding, friction and external shocks, your watch's precision can be lessened.  

Watch on Timing Tester guaranteed watch repair

Timing Test

Each time your watch is serviced, Crown watchmakers will adjust the movement in 5 different positions, ensuring accuracy.  All watches are tested for accuracy, and this guaranteed watch repair service will keep you right on time.

Fix My Watch's Accuracy